What common forms of personal protection equipment are there?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • safety goggles.
  • a set of earplugs.
  • high-visibility attire
  • safety harnesses and footwear.
  • Weatherproof, thermal, and clothing.
  • equipment for respiratory protection (RPE).


What kinds of personal protective equipment are most typical?

5 Types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • a head covering.
  • Protection from noise.
  • Protecting the face and eyes.
  • respiratory defense.
  • Hand Defense.

What are the 10 different categories of PPE?

10 Types of PPE That Should Be on Your Essential List for a Safe Industrial Workplace [Checklist]

  • The hard hat.
  • Safety shoes, foot guards, and leggings.
  • Earmuffs and earplugs.
  • Gloves.
  • Protective eyewear.
  • Face masks for surgery.
  • Respirators.
  • Face Protectors.

What are the five pieces of personal protective gear?

PPE refers to personal protective equipment, which might include things like gloves, gowns, lab coats, face shields or masks, eye protection, resuscitation masks, and other accessories like caps and booties.

What eight categories of personal protective equipment are there?

The following types of PPE is available:

  • Skin defense (e.g. protective clothing)
  • equipment for protecting the lungs (RPE)
  • eye safety gear, such as goggles (RPE)
  • heading defense (e.g. safety helmets)
  • Protective earwear (e.g. earplugs)
  • footwear safety (e.g. steel toecap boots)
  • Arm and hand defense (e.g. gloves)

What are the following 4 personal protective items?

4 – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Gloves.
  • Aprons.
  • Masks.
  • Protective eyewear.
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