How can I determine the level of my security clearance?

There are three different methods you may check on the status of your clearance: Call the Department of Defense at 1-888-282-7682 for assistance with the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) Security Investigations Index (SII).

What three different security clearances are there?

Different kinds of clearances for security

There are three different degrees of security clearance that may be obtained from the United States government: confidential, secret, and top secret.

What are the five security clearance levels?


  • 3.2.1 Unclassified Controlled.
  • 3.2.2 The level of public trust.
  • Confidential, 3.2.3
  • 3.2.4 The dark.
  • Top Secret 3.2.5
  • Compartmented in 3.2.6

When I leave my job, what happens to my security clearance?

To put it another way, when you quit your government position for good, your security clearance is said to have “terminated.” Having said that, it is essential that you comprehend that even when your top-secret clearance has been revoked, it does not fully vanish.

What level of security clearance is the lowest?

On the official website of the Department of State, there is a listing of three different levels of federal clearance, going from lowest to highest. They have the classifications of Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret, respectively.

What is the cost of a top secret clearance?

Taking into mind the strenuous nature of the procedure, you may be thinking, “How much of a financial investment is a top secret clearance?” According to a study from January 2021, the typical cost of obtaining a top secret security clearance ranged from $3,000 to $15,000. These expenditures are often covered by the government for its own personnel.

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What is security clearance at level 6?

A public trust position clearance, also known as a level 6C security clearance, is required for federal employees and contractors who will have access to restricted areas, computer systems, or classified information where both the risk and the magnitude of damage that the employee could do are high. This clearance is also known as a level 6C security clearance.

When you retire, do you lose your security clearance?

Upon your retirement or other departure from the federal government employment, you will undergo a debriefing about sensitive information. Your access to classified material will be revoked following an upgrade to the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), which is the official system used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to manage security clearances.

How challenging is obtaining top secret clearance?

The procedure to obtain a top secret clearance is time-consuming and entails an in-depth investigation of the individual’s past. The denial of a clearance may be the result of a number of factors, including but not limited to monetary issues, mental conditions, or criminal breaches.

Family members may have an impact on security clearance.

According to the adjudicative rules for national security, the fact that you have family members or cohabitants living with you who are involved in criminal activity might make it more difficult for you to get or keep a security clearance.

The meaning of Yankee White clearance

A background check is referred to be a “Yankee White” in administrative parlance when it is conducted in the United States of America on persons working for the Department of Defense and workers working for contractors who are in direct contact with the president and vice president.

A Tier 1 security clearance is what?

The inquiry at Tier 1 is conducted for occupations that are deemed to be low-risk and non-sensitive. It is also the lowest degree of research that is required to make a conclusive conclusion regarding credentialing for both physical and logical access.

A T3 secret clearance is what?

The T3 inquiry is obligatory for positions that are classified as non-critically sensitive and/or need eligibility for “L” access or access to confidential or secret material respectively. The reinvestigation product that is necessary for the same positions is denoted by the acronym T3R. In order to carry out these investigations, the Standard Form (SF) 86 is typically utilized.

What causes the suspension of a security clearance?

In the experience of AFSA, the most common reasons for suspended clearances are the failure to report foreign contacts, a lack of candor during investigations conducted by Diplomatic Security and the Office of the Inspector General, illegal behavior or behavior which could make one vulnerable to coercion (for example, frequenting… establishments), and behavior which could compromise national security.

Employers may check the explanation for the dismissal.

You have every reason to be conscious of the possibility that a potential employer would investigate the factors that led to your resignation from a previous position. During the interview process, the majority of companies will undertake some kind of background or reference check. 1 During their inquiry, the fact that you were fired for a valid reason is likely to surface at some point.

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Can someone who has used drugs receive a top secret clearance?

It is possible that individuals who have previously taken illegal substances may be granted access to sensitive information. However, in order to maintain their eligibility for a security clearance, government personnel and contractors are required to abstain from using illicit drugs in the foreseeable future.

How long does it take to receive top-secret clearance?

A: The amount of time needed to complete the security clearance procedure typically ranges from four to eight weeks, however this number can vary depending on the type of clearance that is needed.

Does a poor credit rating impact security clearance?

Your application may be rejected if you have imperfect financial conditions, such as a low credit score, which can have a negative impact on your application. This may also result in the denial of your security clearance. In point of fact, monetary concerns account for a significant proportion of applications for security clearance that are rejected.

A complete security check is what?

A thorough security questionnaire. investigations into past criminal activity, credit and financial history, and data kept by the Security Service. An investigation of the past working conditions, which may include a study of personal data, employee reports, sick leave returns, and safety records.

What level of security clearance is the highest?

There are three different degrees of security clearance, with Top Secret being the highest possible level. The clearance level beyond that is called Secret, and the level after that is called Confidential. 6.

What makes you ineligible for a Yankee White clearance?

Must not have been convicted of any severe crimes, have a history of dishonest behavior, or have a history of using illicit drugs (same criteria applies to immediate family members) Citizenship in the United States is required for immediate family members.

A t2 clearance is what?

This level is typically used for identify verification when getting a government credential such as a CAC/PIV card and/or can access to normal government systems or installations/buildings. In addition, this level is commonly used for access to classified government information. Tier 2, also known as Moderate Risk (Non-Critical Sensitive), is a kind of MBI (Moderate Background Investigation).

What is the duration of a T5 clearance?

Note of importance: Because of the backlog in personnel security investigations, the Department of Defense has extended the reinvestigation periods for Tier 3 (10 years) and Tier 5 (six years), with the endorsement of the DNI.

What time period is covered by a Tier 3 investigation?

The previous investigations for Secret Eligibility, known as the ANACI for civilians and the NACLC for military personnel and contractors, have been merged into the new T3 Investigation. All military, civilian, and contractor personnel are now required to use the same version of the New T3. The most recent five years will now be considered.

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SF-86 is what kind of clearance?

When applying for a security clearance at the Secret or Top Secret level, you will need to fill out the Standard Form 86, sometimes known as the SF-86. And there are a staggering 127 pages in all. (We’ll give that some time to register.) It is loaded with questions that demand a very high degree of openness and honesty on the part of the respondent.

What information appears on a public trust clearance?

A Public Trust Security Clearance (also known as a PTS Clearance) is a status that can be awarded to persons in order to provide them with permission to access confidential material, such as state secrets or data that is classified by the military. After passing a comprehensive background check, they could also be allowed entry to restricted places.

What happens to your record if you leave a job?

A person’s abandonment will effectively remain on their record for as long as they chose to keep it there. Because failing to inform prospective employers of a previous job desertion might result in a variety of issues, pretending like the situation never occurred is not always the wisest course of action to take in such a scenario.

Do you get a record if you get fired?

It is unlikely that a dismissal from a former job will show up on a standard background check; nevertheless, if a potential employer asks you to offer a reason for leaving a previous company, you are required to tell him the reason.

Do you need a security clearance if you use drugs?

Play it smart at parties: If you’re at a party where other people are taking illegal drugs, use caution around them. Illegal drug usage is one of the reasons that might lead to a security clearance being revoked. Furthermore, the use of marijuana is still against the law on a national level, despite the fact that it may be permitted in certain localities, such as the nation’s capital.

If I fail a drug test, will my security clearance be revoked?

The severe consequences that follow a positive drug test are sure to follow. The results of a drug test that is administered as a consequence of a safety violation or as part of a random selection of employees will offer sufficient evidence to revoke a security clearance.

How much clearance do FBI agents have for security?

Standard Form 86 (SF 86), also known as the Questionnaire for National Security Positions, should be obtained by the candidate from their local FBI Field Office, along with two FD-258 forms (FBI applicant fingerprint cards). There are two possible classifications of security clearance: secret or top secret. Either one can be required.