Guard definition, example sentences.

A few sentences demonstrating the use of guard
Verb The prisoner was to be watched over by two officers at all times. The enemy’s attempt to cross the bridge was thwarted by the presence of a tank. A member of the police force was posted in the foyer to keep watch on the entrance. They preserve their privacy with an obsessive zeal.

Off-guard in a sentence: how to use?

— We were all caught off guard when the teacher told us we were having a pop quiz. — My mom was caught off guard when my 15 year old brother announced his girlfriend was pregnant. — You caught me off guard last night when you said you were moving to the West Coast. I’ll really miss you when you move.

By guard, what do you mean?

to keep safe from harm or danger; protect; watch over: to guard the ruler. to keep under close watch in order to prevent escape, misconduct, etc.: to guard a prisoner. to keep under control or restraint as a matter of caution or prudence: to guard one’s temper.

What does the phrase “be on guard” mean?

Definition of on guard against

: alert and ready to respond to possible danger, threats, problems, etc. We need to be on guard against attack.

Will you be surprised?

If someone catches you off guard, they surprise you by doing something you do not expect. If something catches you off guard, it surprises you by happening when you are not expecting it.

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How are things protected?

To guard something is to watch over it or keep it from danger. You should ask someone to guard your backpack when you go to the restroom at the restaurant — or take it with you. The verb guard also means to protect against unintended consequences.

What is the guard simple present tense?

Guard Simple Present Tense

I Guard. It/He/She Guards. We/They/You Guard.

Does it have guard on or off?

If someone is on guard, they are on duty and responsible for guarding a particular place or person.

What does it mean to get me off guard?

Not watchful, easily surprised. It is often put as catch (or be caught) off guard, meaning “take (or be taken) by surprise.” For example, The securities analyst was caught off guard by that financial report, or With any luck the boss will be off guard when I come in late.

How do you define “thrown off guard”?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatch/throw somebody off guardcatch/throw somebody off guardto surprise someone by doing something that they are not ready to deal with Senator O’Hare was caught off guard by the question.

What kinds of guards are there?

Types of Security Guards

  • Unarmed guards The unarmed guard is one of the most prevalent varieties of security personnel.
  • Mobile security. Mobile security officers drive around a facility’s or campus’s perimeter on patrol.
  • Guards with guns.
  • Home security guards.
  • Construction and industrial guards.
  • Corporate Security.
  • Retail Security.
  • Event security.

What is the word guard used for?


part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: guards, guarding, guarded

What is the guard verb’s past tense?

past tense of guard is guarded.

The past tense refers to what?

The past tense of “read” is “read”, spelled the same but pronounced differently – it is pronounced as ‘red’. The verb “read” has an irregular past tense form as it does not accept the addition of “-ed” or “-d”. The past participle of the verb “read” is the same as the past form “read” which is pronounced as “red”.

How can I lower my guard?

Ways To Let Your Guard Down

  1. Openly express your needs.
  2. Discuss your beliefs and interests.
  3. Try talking about your fears.
  4. Take time to listen.
  5. first, love yourself.
  6. Accept and respect your feelings.
  7. To be able to let go of the past.

Keep a tight rein on your guard Meaning?

phrase. If you lower your guard, let your guard down, or drop your guard, you relax when you should be careful and alert, often with unpleasant consequences. The ANC could not afford to lower its guard until everything had been carried out. You can’t let your guard down.

What does the biblical word guard mean?

In the Hebrew, “keep” (interchangeable with “guard”) literally means “to set a watchman over it” — but not just any watchman. I’ve been driven by fear to guard my heart, scared of the consequences if I didn’t.

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Why do I let down my guard?

Letting your guard down means that you’re unafraid to feel your emotions and be who you are, no matter the pain it brings. If you specifically have difficulty being transparent and vulnerable to others, letting your guard down will be far from easy. In fact, it may be the most challenging thing you’re ever going to do.

What word describes being caught off guard?

catch off-guard, bushwhack, catch in the act, waylay.

Idiom catch you off guard?

To take someone by surprise in a way that they were not anticipating is what is meant by the term “to catch someone off guard.” It is applicable in all positive, negative, and neutral settings as well. It is not known when exactly someone first used this idiom. To get the same effect, you might use the English term “to catch someone by surprise,” which means the same thing.

What does the phrase “off guard but on point” mean?

adjective. not being prepared for a surprise or a threat that appears out of nowhere.

What exactly is an off-guard photo?

A photograph that was taken without the subject appearing to have been staged is known as a candid photograph.

Guards may they be plural?

The word “guard” can also be written as “guards.”

What is the name for someone who defends others?

defender is a word that refers to a person who supports something or who tries to prevent something from being taken away or lost.

How do guards safeguard the employee?

The presence of guards creates a physical barrier that restricts access to potentially hazardous places. Safeguarding devices either prevent operator contact with the point of operation or detect it, or they stop potentially hazardous machine motion if any part of a worker’s body is within the hazardous portion of the machine. Safeguarding devices can also both prevent and detect operator contact with the point of operation.

A barrier guard is what?

When it comes to full revolution and part revolution mechanical power presses, barrier guards are the proper kind of safety protection. They are constructed in such a way that they prevent the hands and arms of the operator from entering the “danger zone” that is mandated by the specific equipment.

What do you call a person who provides for another person?

keeper. noun. someone who is entrusted with the duty of watching over something.

What does take’s past perfect tense mean?

have taken

past perfectⓘ pluperfect
you had taken
he, she, it had taken
we had taken
you had taken

What does start look like in the past?

11 Past participle forms

Present tense form Past tense Past participle
begin began begun
bend bent bent
bite bit bit/bitten
blow blew blown

What does “have” mean in the simple present tense?

The simple present is a verb tense with two main uses.

Common Verbs in the Simple Present.

Infinitive I, You, We, They He, She, It
to have have / do not have has / does not have
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What is the verb drink’s past tense?

According to most current usage standards, the word drank refers to the past tense of the verb drink (as in “I drank a lot last night,”), whereas drunk is the past participle (after the auxiliary verb “have”), as in “Yes, I have drunk wine before.” However, throughout history, these terms have been mistaken with one another and employed in settings that are not at all related to one another. This may be due of the association…

What does cut mean in the future tense?

I will/shall perform the cut. You, we, or they will carry out the cutting. He, she, or it will engage in cutting behavior.

How do you safeguard someone you care about?

Contents show

  1. Be accepting of one another.
  2. Stay sincere.
  3. Respect one another.
  4. Stay devoted.
  5. Be adaptable to changes.
  6. Continue to be close to one another.
  7. Try new things consistently.
  8. Each other’s surprises.

What does being guarded in a relationship entail?

Actions, not words or displays of romance, are what cause a reserved person to fall head over heels in love. Because of the numerous occasions on which they have been duped by empty assurances, they have zero tolerance for being manipulated. They won’t give you access to every aspect of who they are until they can fully put their faith in you, and even then, it won’t be easy for them to do so.

Why should we protect your heart?

Your loved ones, your friends, your ministry, your career, and even your legacy might be at danger as a result of this. It is consequently quite necessary for you to watch over it. due to the fact that your heart is always being attacked. When Solomon advises you to keep vigil over your heart, he is giving the impression that you are now residing in a war zone, one in which casualties are a regular occurrence.

What is the Bible’s teaching on protecting your heart?

Philippians 4:7 KJV

Your minds and hearts will be kept safe by the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, because of Christ Jesus.

High guard: What does that mean?

The High Guard is the armed force that the Systems Commonwealth relies on to protect its citizens. The High Guard is not only a military force, but it is also a diplomatic corps that handles political and social issues within the Commonwealth, in addition to providing mediation services for non-allied planets or warring factions. This means that the High Guard is responsible for both the military and the diplomatic aspects of the Commonwealth.

What can I do to stop being protective in a relationship?

How do you become less guarded and open yourself up:

  1. Recognize that being transparent about your flaws actually increases your relatability. It seems a little annoying that guarded people sometimes like to appear flawless.
  2. Be at ease sharing your secrets.
  3. Face your fear of becoming more transparent.
  4. Get qualified assistance.