Can you view your record of safety?

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What does a record in protecting mean?

Your record as DSL of any decisions made, actions taken, or information obtained in relation to the issue will be kept in a safeguarding case file. It’s possible that this is a paper file, but it might also be an electronic file.

A safeguarding report is what?

A synopsis of the concerns about the protection of. This might contain information on the overall number of concerns, the types of damage found, the proportion of concerns within the organization’s direct work or which it identified throughout the community, and the number of referrals handed on to the appropriate authorities for child protection.

Why are reporting and recording crucial in terms of safeguarding?

Protecting vulnerable persons and the people who care for them can put them in some of the most dangerous circumstances. When there is concern about abuse or neglect of adults, accurate case recording is therefore crucial to protecting the safety and wellbeing of both the abused individuals and the caregivers who look after them.

How should the information you record be used?

You need to include specifics about the information you provided, as well as who you shared it with and the reason you did so. In addition to this, you need to specify if consent was granted and, if so, who granted it. If you disclose sensitive information with someone, whether they give you permission to do so or not, you are required to document the reasons behind your choice.

What is the duration of a safeguarding issue on your record?

If your organization is obliged to comply with any other regulatory obligations, then the records must be retained for a period of six years after the service user has had their final interaction with your organization. Exceptions to this rule may be found in the preceding table. conditions Under these conditions, the organization should keep a record of the concern as well as the result.

How long is protection maintained on your record?

After your organization has had its final interaction with a kid and their family, the documents that pertain to child protection should be retained for a period of seven years in the sectors of the community and volunteer work.

What characteristics mark a quality safeguarding report?

Create a written account of their story, paying close attention to providing as many specifics as you can. Don’t forget to mention the date and time, what was stated, any names or places, and what was said. Avoid sharing any information with individuals or organizations that are not directly involved. Make quick contact with your DSL and brief them on the matter, providing them with the report you just created.

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What constitutes a significant safety concern?

When a kid or young person is living in conditions in which there is a considerable danger of abuse, this raises concerns about the child’s or young person’s safety (physical, sexual, emotional or neglect).

Why might some cases of child protection go unreported?

a lack of comprehension of the regulations and processes involved. attitude; lack of concern over the current circumstances previous knowledge of the disclosure process. denial or unbelief.

What are the top three things to avoid when someone discloses abuse?

Don’t let yourself get worked up, overreact, get judgemental, or make assumptions. Conduct an investigation, question the person many times, or request that they provide a verbal confirmation of the revelation. Talk about the revelation with those who have no business knowing about it.

Which three types of records are the most common?

The parts that follow will offer some broad pointers on how to dispose of the four different kinds of records, beginning with temporary records. Documents that are kept forever. records that were not planned.

What should you do if you encounter safeguarding problems?

Maintain your composure and convince the person that they have made the correct decision by voicing their mind. Pay close attention, and do not interrupt the individual while they are speaking. Explain that the only professionals who will be notified are those who have a need to know, but never guarantee secrecy in any circumstance. Take urgent action, and do not even attempt to solve the problem on your own.

Is safeguarding recorded on the DBS?

The Disclosure and Barring Service is the result of a merger between the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) (DBS).

Do accusations appear on DBS?

If you choose not to plead guilty or if you are found guilty in a court of law, allegations and outstanding cases will not be highlighted on basic or standard DBS checks. The only exception to this rule is if you elect to plead guilty.

How long are school records kept?

It is advised that records be received and updated on an annual basis, and it is recommended that records be kept for a period of six years beginning with the date of the audit. After that length of time has passed, the records ought to be disposed of, unless there is an ongoing legal proceeding.

What exactly do safety officers do?

An essential point of contact between child protection authorities and the organizations that their regulations apply to, a safeguarding officer is responsible for ensuring that all of the necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the people with whom they work and support. In addition, a safeguarding officer is responsible for ensuring that all of the necessary steps are taken to protect the people with whom they work

What transpires after social services receive a report about a parent?

If they have reason to believe that a kid may be in danger, it is their responsibility to investigate the child’s circumstances and take measures to ensure the child’s safety. They might choose to place the youngster in some kind of protective program. They could conduct an interview or a medical checkup on your child even if you’re not there.

What should one do if safety issues are not taken seriously?

You are required to escalate your issues in the event that either no action has been done or you consider that your concerns have not been addressed in an acceptable manner. You may, for instance, discuss the matter with someone who is higher up, or you could bring it up in a more official manner.

How does a lado investigation proceed?

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office is involved in the investigation from the beginning stages of the accusation all the way through to its conclusion. They will offer advice, direction, and assistance in determining if the claim falls within the purview of the proceedings.

What distinguishes child protection from safeguarding?

In a nutshell, safeguarding refers to the actions we take to avoid damage, whereas child protection refers to the ways in which we take action once harm has already been done.

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What happens after a referral for child protection is made?

The majority of cases will begin with a social worker completing a multi-agency assessment in accordance with section 17 of the Children Act 1989. This is the case even if the child or children in issue do not require urgent protection. After the patient has been referred, the evaluation needs to be completed within forty-five days at the latest.

Who is in charge of protecting?

The Local Authorities are legally obligated to ensure the safety of their communities. They have the responsibility, in collaboration with the health sector, to advance people’s wellness within their own communities. To safeguard individuals who are currently experiencing or at danger of abuse or neglect, the organization must collaborate with each of its relevant partners.

What distinguishes a disclosure from an accusation?

The phrase “disclosure” refers to the act of making a previously unknown fact public. When you record what a youngster says as a “disclosure,” you are making the assumption that what they say is accurate. It is entirely possible. However, if a parent contests the claim, it cannot be considered a “fact” unless it is proven in a court of civil or criminal jurisdiction.

What are the two crucial laws governing safeguarding?

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018, which is one of the most important papers that you need to be familiar with. 2022 Action Plan for the Protection of Children in Educational Settings

How should you respond to a disclosure regarding safeguarding?


  1. Be composed.
  2. Pay close attention.
  3. To get more information, ask questions.
  4. Believe.
  5. Reassure.
  6. Tell the child that you will need to share the information.
  7. Keep a written record.
  8. As soon as you can, contact the designated safeguarding contact.

What should you do if a young child accuses you?

Make any necessary reports to the authorities (for example, if an allegation of physical or sexual assault or a sexual offence is made). In accordance with the recommendations provided by the local authority, this should take place simultaneously with the referral of a child to children’s social care. Get in touch with the NSPCC by calling their helpline at 0808 800 5000 or sending an email to

Can a school refuse to give parents information?

Unless an injunction from the court restricts a parent’s capacity to participate in school life, make educational decisions for their children, or obtain information about their children, school and local authority employees are required to treat all parents in the same manner.

Information about social services may be disclosed.

3. The Social Work Service may be legally obligated to reveal personal information if it is required to do so by an enactment (an Act of Parliament or statute), a rule of law, or an order from a court.

Where are documents stored?

Facilities known as commercial records centers are those that offer businesses and other types of organizations services related to the keeping of paper documents. In certain circumstances, they also provide a storage facility for records that are kept in electronic format.

Permanent records are what?

The phrase “permanent record” refers to any document kept by the federal government that has been deemed by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to be of sufficient significance to merit its retention in the National Archives.

What is the meaning of a safeguarding report?

It might also indicate a kid who is handicapped or a youngster whose health and/or development is at risk of being damaged. By law, local governments are obligated to offer assistance to disadvantaged children, with the goals of ensuring the children’s safety while also fostering their overall well-being and growth.

What qualifies as a safeguard?

Bringing up a safety concern may be appropriate in some circumstances, such as when there is a matter or subject of public interest, or when there is a need to decide what is in the individual’s or group’s best interests (where the adult lacks capacity to make the decision).

How does DBS relate to safety?

Employers in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland can get assistance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in making safer recruiting decisions and preventing inappropriate individuals from working with vulnerable populations, such as children. The DBS is in charge of determining whether or not a particular individual should be added to or removed from a prohibited list.

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Do DBS checks go back in time?

There is no set deadline beyond which a DBS check will become invalid. At the time that the check was performed, every piece of information that is provided will be accurate. It is up to you to choose when it is necessary to order a new check.

What can you inform DBS of?

Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) guidance about making referrals.

A person’s conduct endangers a child if they:

  • hurt a kid.
  • harm a child in some way.
  • putting a child in danger.
  • a child-harming attempt.
  • encourage someone to hurt a child.

What results from a simple DBS check?

A standard DBS check will reveal if the individual has any unspent cautions or convictions. Standard DBS check: Includes information on all spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, and final warnings maintained on central police records (with the exception of protected convictions and cautions).

Does a pending legal matter appear on a UK background check?

Things That Are Still Up in the Air and DBS Checks

Your criminal record will not reflect any pending cases or charges against you until you have been found guilty and convicted of the crime. Because of this, any ongoing matters will not show up on a DBS check at either the basic or the standard level.

What is contained in records for mental health?

The HHS directives state that psychotherapy records do not have to include medical prescriptions, the start and finish times of sessions, the frequency of treatment, clinical tests, summaries of diagnoses, symptoms, or prognoses, among other things. The patient’s general medical record will include the aforementioned information since it is deemed to be part of the patient’s mental health record.

How can I obtain my UK school records?

In order to inspect an education record or obtain a copy of it, those who have parental authority are required to submit an application to the education department of the local authority. According to the legislation in place in Scotland, this privilege is applicable to all types of schools, including those run by the local authorities and those run independently.

Which parent is more prone to maltreatment?

Additional study demonstrates that when factors of severity are taken into account, dads or father surrogates are accountable for more severe instances of physical abuse and mortality than female offenders (US Department of Health and Human Services [US DHHS], 2005).

What does a social worker in child protection do?

Safeguarding and protecting children and young people

If other professionals or members of the public have concerns that a child is being hurt or is at danger of being injured, they can refer the case to social workers so that they can investigate the situation. After receiving a referral, social workers are required by law to conduct an investigation into the event or series of events that led to the referral.

Can social services remove my child without a court order?

Is it possible that social services may take away my child? In most cases, the social services agency will not remove a child from their parents unless they have reasonable grounds to think that the kid is in danger of being harmed or neglected in their existing environment. They have an obligation to look into any complaints or issues that are brought to their attention.

How does one rate risks?

The outcome of your investigation is referred to as the risk score, and it is derived by multiplying the Risk Impact Rating by the Risk Probability. It is the measurable statistic that enables important individuals to make decisions on risks in a timely manner and with complete self-assurance.

What happens after a referral for child protection is made?

The majority of cases will begin with a social worker completing a multi-agency assessment in accordance with section 17 of the Children Act 1989. This is the case even in situations where the child or children in issue do not require urgent protection. After the patient has been referred, the evaluation needs to be completed within forty-five days at the latest.

The length of a lado investigation.

It is imperative that this be completed without delay, and it ought to be synchronized with the LADO process. The officer in charge of the investigation has to make it a priority to complete the report within ten business days.